Monday, April 18, 2011

Rare update

Call me a slacker... I'm guilty. I realized the last post on this blog was dated June 2010. That's 10 months before. That doesn't mean I have stopped hauling. Well, I tried to, but obviously failed.  har har...

Anyhoo, I really wanted to keep this blog active. I need an outlet to air out beauty related blabs that nobody around me cares to know. Well, I haven't found a beauty addict among my personal friends and I'm not planning to convert anyone into one. That's bad! LOL

The other night, I ran into MiuMiu at the counter she's working in. I'm pretty good in recognizing faces so I knew it was her.  What a sweet girl... well, she's the sole reason why I remembered to revisit this blog again. LOL  Nice to meet you MiuMiu :)

I'm really surprised to see I have a few followers in Google Connect. Wow, people actually follow me haha.. maybe that's enough reason to put up some posts once in a while.  Like my never ending hauls?! hahaha... I just need to find time and determination to do this.