Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GCOCL Nail Stamp Machine (Konad dupe)

I originally planned to purchase Konad's cheapest starter kit from wowwownails. The store is located at Steeles East near Pacific Mall, so I thought I'd peep first and decide whether I like it enough before committing to purchase.  I was this close to getting it but halted coz hubby remineded me there could be something similar in ebay. Lo and behold, ebay never disappoints! This GCOCL nail stamp machine definitely looks more luxurious than the Konad starter kit at only a fraction of the price (approx 15USD with free shipping)!

GCOCL Nail Stamp Machine (ebay)

The kit comes with the nail stamp machine, 6 GCOCL metal plates, and 7 GCOCL nail polishes for stamping.

The nail stamp machine is actually a cool device which scrapes the polish off the metal plate uniformly and the image can be transferred precisely where it's intended.  It takes a little bit of practice to measure the positioning of the nails. But once you master the technique, everything can be done in 5 easy steps.  

1.  apply polish to the plate. 
2.  go over the plate with the pink scapper device to remove excess polish. 
3.  press down the stamp to transfer the image from the plate to the stamp.
4.  reposition the scrapper and press the stamp to transfer image from the stamp to the nails.
5.  clean the scrapper, stamp, and metal plate for next use.

GCOCL Nail Stamp Machine (ebay)

While this is a cool device, I find that it takes more work to use the stamping machine when I want to position the image anywhere other than the middle of the nail.  After the image has been transferred to the stamp, I usually take the stamp out of the machine and manually transfer the image to my nails.  I can rotate the stamp however way I want that way.

GCOCL Nail Stamp Machine (ebay)
The plate that comes with the kit are mostly florals designs.  They are cute and pretty easy to transfer.  But I did find some designs to be too intricate so it does not stamp well on the nails.  I was hoping to get at least one full nail plate, but it doesn't come with the kit.  Other designs can be purchased individually at ebay.

As for the nail polishes that comes with the kit, they are very opaque but dries super fast!  I decided to ditch these after using them once.  Regular polishes works better. Just be sure that the consistency of the polish is opaque enough to show through when stamped.

In case you are interested, the nail stamp machine can be purchased here.

I have ordered image plates from Bundle Master to try... will post them up once I receive the package. Can't wait!


  1. I had a Konad kit a loooong time, but rarely used it, so I tossed it. Oops. I think I don't have the patience for nail stamping, even though I think the effect is gorgeous!

  2. I agree, this is extra work on top of your nail polish regimen. It's fun to do once in a while. :)

  3. Haven't used my konad in quite awhile. I got lazy so started using stickers instead~

    but nice deal for this kit!

  4. Thanks for your comment on the journal post~
    I used to love writing in my journals. Therapeutic, plus it was fun to read back on them (as you mentioned). The little things I used to write about crushes, troubles, oh man.
    I should really use that to motivate me to write again. It would be nice to have something solid to look back on~

  5. Hey dear, just dropping in to make sure everything is okay! :) Happy holidays!