Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my space... my vanity - prelude

It's been 4 years since I moved out of my parents house after getting married. Back in my room, I had a full vanity table - complete with mirror, table, and storage.  It was a hand me down from my god sister eons ago. That table must be at least 25+ years old now.  Albeit old and dusty, it is still in tact and waiting for me at my parents house. Since then, I never had a vanity table due to constant moving.  I've been pretty much doing my makeup in the bathroom ever since.

We've been here in Canada for 3 years now and moved 3 times!  I'm glad we finally found a permanent place and moved in late last year. The pad has a good size bedroom which currently has our queen size bed and my son's toddler bed.  Fortunately, there's still enough room for me to setup a vanity table. Giddy me :) Thus, the quest for the perfect vanity table started. I don't want to clutter up the room with furnitures so I need it to be compact yet efficient.   It took several months of online browsing to get ideas. I settled with Ikea Micke + Stave in black-brown.

ikea Stave mirror

ikea micke desk

Having a new vanity table means I have to do some cleaning, sorting and organizing my stash.  I was determined to fit everything into the Micke drawer. Anything that can not fit, should really be disposed or given away.  I don't think I can use up a drawer full of makeup! *gasp*  I'm still in the process of organizing and purging.  Will have to do it before we go outlet shopping this long weekend! :)

I will post a finished look of my vanity table with a glimpse of my stash.  Soon! Soon! Soon!

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