Friday, May 20, 2011

my space... my vanity

My vanity is finally up and ready for me to waste hours on it... :)  Love love love!!!

vanity! :)
Ikea Micke desk + Stave Mirror
(mirror reflection shows hubby's tv antenna stacked on top of my son's mega block box LOL )

Totally loving the clean and contemporary look of the desk and mirror.  If I were to get the same furniture years back, I would have gone with the traditional birch or white desk.  My taste in colors have changed a bit after watching so many home improvement shows on TV.  Prior to setting up this vanity, our room is pretty bare so I pretty much have the flexibility to go either light or dark.  I decided to go with black-brown to match the blue-gray wall and silver bed frame.  Totally loving the outcome.  I'm still in the quest for a makeup stool with a touch of vintage feel.  Check out little Picasso's scribble on the foldable chair I'm using now... very "artistic" indeed LOL

Back in th days, I used to only have a powder, blush, lipstick and eyebrow pencil in my stash. I only started acquiring more products around 2008, when I was pregnant with my son and too paranoid to look "too pregnant" :)  In 3 years, my stash has grown so much bigger.  As hubby will always comment - how many face do I have to use up all these products?  Gasp!  It's just so hard to resist... but I will certainly be limiting my purchases from today on.  Check out how I store my babies :)

everything must fit!
This picture warns me to stop buying... whatever doesn't fit should be disposed or given away...


blushes galore
Blushes, Bronzers, Highlighters

face and lip products
Base and lippies

old sterilite drawer
old sterilite drawer which used to house all my makeup stuff before.

clean brushes...
clean brushes. I wrap the eye brushes in tissue to dry so they keep their shape - a tip I got from Dustin Hunter.

more lippies
more lippies...

brow pencils, eye liners, mascaras, brow tints
brow pencils, eyeliners, brow tints...

concealers and eye primers
concealers and eye primers...

used brushes
used brushes...

brush container to store bigger clean brushes
clean brushes - yes, it's pamper's baby wipes container :)

That's pretty much everything I have.  I didn't even realize I've accumulated so much in just 3 years.  That's not even considering the other products I have given away to friends in the past. Yikes!  Just a glance at my stash, it's probably obvious that I'm a blush and lipstick addict. Admittedly, I have a lot of duplicate shades in my stash coz I always gravitate towards natural colors - light pink, light peach, and nude.  I probably need to do some comparison between products and keep only one product for each shade.  And for the duplicates, I think they deserve a new home than just sitting in my drawer. A blogsale perhaps in the near future :)


  1. LOVE how organized you are! my stash isn't quite as big but i aspire to have my stash looking as neat as yours :).

  2. @dani - i hope it stays that way for long :) thanks for dropping by :)

  3. fabulous collection!! And yes, I agree with Dani, your collection is so neatly stored. Mine is a mess. :P

  4. Weeee! How neat mare and everything can be seen all at once. Go and make that blog sale soon, can't wait to shop hahahha!

  5. I love your vanity! I need a big mirror like that, too, but I have no where to put something like this. And everything is so organized!

  6. @larie - thanks for dropping by! it's nice to be able to see my stash in a glance :)

  7. What a gorgeous set up! I have to try and make my current set up more accessible for me to work with in my morning routine. I spend too much time digging around >_<

  8. rasilla - thanks girl :) It takes time to sort everything but it's totally worth the effort :)

  9. Grabe kadami ng mukap man!! Hahaha!
    But everything is still organized! Kabilib!

  10. Halu Aggie! Yes, I have overflowing stuff. Giving myself a limitation of one full drawer is still too much in my opinion... purge time soon :)

  11. Grabe, wan! I think mine can fit in your Pamper's wipes container... :D what a collection! :)

  12. wow!!! so organized! i dont think i can organize my makeup products as well as you did!!!

    let's exchange notes!!! sooo great to know a fellow beauty blogger :D

  13. kendz, my stuff used to be everywhere. thanks to beauty blogs and videos, i found haven in ikea :) LOL

  14. I decided to get this desk for my vanity a few weeks ago with a medicine cabinet/mirror on top for additional storage :D But I stumbled across your blog and I love your adjustable divider- where did you get them?

    Thanks for a glimpse of what it will look like when it's all finished!!!

  15. I got the divider at the dollar store here in canada. If you're from the US, I believe the container store has them too...

  16. Awesome, I'll check there... looks great- thanks for the inspiration!

  17. You have such a nice set up!!

  18. Just a question, does the draw come out all the way? Thank you! BTW great ideas!