Friday, June 17, 2011

Joe Fresh Eye Shadows

eye shadows
Top: Cactus (Cream Shadow)
2nd Row: Pebble, Chocolate
3rd Row: Pale Pink, Pagoda

  • Cactus - These cream shadows are new products released last Spring.  I got one to try as I've read good feedback from Makeup Junkie.  Let's say, it's not good but it's not that horrible either.  The shade is nice and pigmentation is sheer but buildable. Staying power is not the greatest.  I'm pretty sure it creased on me even with primer.  Honestly, I haven't found any product or primer that stays crease free on my lid after 8 hours of wear. So, I'll give it some slack in the creasing aspect.  I use this as a base most of the time to make eye shadows pop.  But, I would much prefer my NYX jumbo pencils as a base compared to this product. - My Rating: 2/5
  • Pebble, Pale Pink, Pagoda - I have one common review for these 3 shades - disappointment.  Pigmentation of Pale Pink and Pagoda are terrible.  I love the shades but they just look so sheer when swatched. And doesn't even stay on my lid at all.  Pebble is a little bit better but still sheer.  I find that it's best to use a sticky base with these shadows and finger application is the best.  The powders just wont stick on my shadow brush. I can only make the color show well with NYX jumbo pencil in Milk as a base - and that's just to make the color show... not even vibrant. Sigh, total waste in my opinion. - My Rating: 1/5
  • Chocolate - I have to do separate review on this one as it's definitely a gem among the crap.  Chocolate is a nice deep brown color that's pigmented on swatches as well as on the lid.  It's a little powdery but not that bothersome to apply. I usually use a pencil brush with this shadow and use it to soften the eye liner.  This is not the best brown shadow, but it's not bad. - My Rating: 3/5

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