Friday, June 10, 2011

NARS goodies

I got my first NARS blush in Deep Throat more than a year ago. The pigmentation and staying power is superb so I've been wanting to get more.  I've been wanting Angelika, Madly and Luster, but I couldn't find any excuses to cave into temptations due to the overflowing amount of blushes I have in my stash. An easy excuse could be - I don't have something similar.  But then how many cheeks do I have to use up these products anyways?  Anyhoo.....enough rambling. What I really want to say is, I finally succumbed and purchased not one, but THREE blushes! ... and more  (*guilty*)

Without further ado, here's my recent NARS acquisitions that joined the family in the past months.

NARS Oasis Blush
Nars Oasis blush
These are the type of blushes I would normally skip.  It certainly doesn't look appealing on the pan, at least for me.  Dark berry shade with chunky glitters, that's my first impression.  So, what why did I buy this blush then?  As I said, I want to get a new NARS blush, but I don't want duplicates of what I already have.  I did my homework and checked a lot of blogs for swatches and reviews.  As dark as this seems to be on the pan, the cheek swatches actually shows a kind of sophistication that looks really appealing.  So I decided to get this from Sephora while I still have my 15% VIB discount.  If it doesn't work out, at least I can return it.  After 2 months, I happily report that this baby is still in my drawer and not back to the store.  I really like it and even wore it on my son's birthday party.  I guess, sometimes mature pink does look good... at least for my age. Well, I'm not saying I look old with this on, but I certainly don't look like a doll with this type of pink.  The chunky glitters that I was dreading, isn't so visible after all when applied on the cheeks.  It's certainly a "like" for me!

Here's how it shows on my cheek on my son's birthday (sorry for the blurry photo). I used a stippling brush to apply this for a light touch and  also not to get as much glitters on my cheek.

NARS Makeup Your Mind - Cheek Kit
Nars Makeup Your Mind Cheek Kit

Nars Makeup Your Mind Cheek Kit

Nars Makeup Your Mind Cheek Kit

Nars Makeup Your Mind Cheek Kit

I saw the release of NARS' Makeup Your Mind kits on various beauty blogs but I didn't think of owning any of them coz it's a Nordstrom exclusive. It WAS just an eye candy for me and I quickly forgot about it.

One day, we went to Yorkdale mall and I decided to check the Shu Eumura counter and ask if I can get my eye brow pencil sharpened even if I didn't get the product from Canada. They agreed and so that was the end of my objective. I was browsing through the products from different brands and accidentally laid my eyes on NARS' Makeup Your Mind kits near the NARS counter. I was like, OMG!!!! I gotta get this! I got the cheek kit which comes with Orgasm/Angelika blush duo, Laguna bronzer and Copacabana multiple - all full sizes!!! The SA at the NARS counter was surprised as well. She said NARS rarely come up with kits with all full size products. My wallet hurt a bit when I paid for this kit, but the deal is all worth it!

Now let's dig the goodies that comes with the kit!

NARS Orgasm/Angelika blush duo
Orgasm/Angelika blush duo

We see Orgasm/Laguna most of the time, but I often hoped that NARS would come up with a duo that contains two blushes instead of one blush and a bronzer. Imagine my excitement when I saw this kit - NARS granted me my wish! LOL I was more into Angelika coz I already have a lot of Orgasm dupes in my stash. But it doesn't hurt to get both! Turns out, I've been using Orgasm more than Angelika. Don't get me wrong, they're both pretty. I guess peaches are my go-to looks so Orgasm fits most of my looks. I love everything about this duo but I just find that I get a lot of loose blush pigments on the pan when I use it. The blushes doesn't seem to be as packed as my other single pan NARS blushes. That being said, the blush powders tends to mix up with the other side of the blush.

NARS Laguna Bronzer

Laguna bronzer full size

I'm currently using another NARS Laguna bronzer in mini size that I got a while back with a kit. I will not touch this until I finish my mini size bronzer. I'm normally not into bronzers as I like to look as fair as I can (Asian thing). I tried a couple bronzers in the past year - Hoola, ELF Bronzers, Annabelle Zebra bronzer - and Laguna is by far my favorite. I like that it's not too pigmented which makes it more natural and easier to work with. I also love the golden tone which doesn't make me look dirty (Hoola makes me look muddy). I've been using Laguna religiously since the warmer months and so far I'm loving it. I don't know if I will keep applying bronzer as it is an optional step in my makeup routine. I just might put this full size bronzer in my future blog sale.

NARS Copacabana Multiple (forgot to take a photo of this)
This is a multi-purpose highlighter (hence the name multiple) which can be used on the brow bone, cheek bone, nose bridge, cupid's bow, lips and lid.  I could easily love this product, but I have so many highlighters in my stash that I don't need to add more.  So, this might also end up in my future blog sale.

Do you love NARS products?


  1. I have a total of four NARS blushes, I definitely want to own a few more. They are the best ones out there, hands down.

  2. Mare, do you have a photo wearing Angelika? Been wanting to buy this shade for the longest time, how is it comparable with Bella Bamba? I should stop following your blog hahahah!

  3. mare, I will take a cheek swatch of angelika and share it with you :)

  4. NARS blushes are constantly a frustration for me, haha. They all look so gorgeous, but they're not paraben-free and I'm allergic, so I can't have any! Grrrr haha. I also try to go for different colors rather than shades that are close to what I already have; a lot of times I'm pleasantly surprised by something I never would have thought to try!

  5. oh! oh! oh!

    i NEED that orgasm/angelika combo in my life!

  6. @larie - tarte blushes are paraben free... try those :) i'm sure the quality is the same :)

    @dani - it's a rare combo! i'm sure it's still available at the holts :)