Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lust List - 1

It doesn't hurt to lust over a few things even if I'm on no-buy mode right now. I realize it's nice to list down what I'm lemming at the moment, and then re-evaluate if I still like them after some time.  If certain item sticks in my list for a while, then it's enough justification for a purchase. LOL

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadow in Urban Nature - awesomeness! I really need to at least swatch this in store once it comes out.
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China Glaze Sea Spray or Eyeko Rain Nail Polish - This is the kind of blue that's wearable in my books. Still in the search for cheaper dupes.
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Sigma Premium Professional Brush Kit - I've been wanting this for a while now but kept holding off coz I really don't need more brushes.
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Sigma Dry'n Shape - Again, this is not a must have for my current needs. I have enough brushes to rotate while I wash and dry the used ones.
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Naruko Magnolia Products - I'm starting to see fine lines and expression lines on my face (*cry*).  Age spots and freckles propagate like weeds.  Skin tone has been dull and sallow for the longest time.  I really miss the glow I had when I was pregnent :(  For my skin issues, I need a skin regimen that brightens and smooths fine lines.  I've been wanting to try Naruko products and I found that Magnolia line focuses on brightening and firming, which seem like the right product range to target my skin concerns.  I'm also interested in their anti-aging products from other lines.  I need more research to find the right products.  I might order from Taiwan if I get the chance to go back.  The shipping cost is crazy!

Inglot eyeshadows - I attempted to order several times but the wide range of colors and numbering system makes me so confused!  Certainly hope Inglot will open (or shall I say re-open) stores here in Toronto so I could see the actual products.  I'd love to hear some recommendations!

That's all for now! :)


  1. If you get a chance to try the Magnolia line, I'd reccomend you the serum! I am currently using it and it's wonderful. It has brighten up my complexion over the winter :) I'll be doing a review of it on my blog soon :D

  2. thanks for sharing! i also got the same feedback from fuzkittie. will definitely add that in my shopping list! :)

  3. i just got the premium pro kit! :D

    oh and same thing about inglot products... i wanted to pick colors and order thru a friend but i just got so confused with the number of eyeshadows they have!!! :D

  4. hello kendz! Promise, I've put the premium kit in my shopping cart for more than 5 times now but never ended up checking out. I have too many brushes!

    Re inglot, I'm still in research mode now to find the colors that I like. Again, I have so many eyeshadows na rin so medyo control na ulit. :)