Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What to do with a week old nail polish?

I have OPI What's with the Cattitude on my nails for almost a week now. I'm so impressed with how it lasted without any chip at all!  I buffed like crazy prior to applying nail polish though (tip I got from TiffanyD)... that also prolongs the wear. It was all perfect until I accidentally nicked one fingernail while chopping green bell peppers. Before you start to gross out, no... I didn't cut myself.

So, it was a decision between taking off or fixing it.  I decided to spice it up a little bit using another shade. I chose Orly Country Club Khaki coz that's the only thing I have in my drawer that's opaque enough in one application.  And the combination looks nice too.

spicing up a week old nail polish
Orly Country Club Khaki
OPI What's with the Cattitude?

And the result?  Damn... I need more practice :)  Looks nice from afar though LOL
spicing up a week old nail polish


  1. cute nails - love the pastel blue!

    RYC - i sometime use the Shu Uemura under the eyes - its opaque enough to cover but it's too light - prefer more of salmon shades and creamier texture for under the eyes.

  2. I hardly buff my nails any more...I should really see if it would help with the polish lasting long~

  3. @nic nic - thanks girl! :)

    @rasilla - i'll buff my nails again next time and use different nail polish so i can verify whether the nail polish or buffing makes the difference :)

  4. The pastel blue is so pretty, lovely for spring.

    Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog. It is always positive to hear that other moms are also having such challenges. All the best to you and your son.